About Us

While we are constantly improving our food in terms of quality, flavor and visual appeal, but our pets still have to make do with commercially available treats, chews and food. In most cases, they are neither healthy nor nutritious.

This was a concern for the caninecraving founders, Swagata & Sundeep. They wanted their pooches “Cassius” and “Bailey” to enjoy the varieties without affecting their pre-existing medical conditions. A detailed search on the net revealed the horror of the commercial treats, chews and food on a pet’s health. Even human grade product’s quality was questionable, labels like “grainfree”, were misleading as they were filled with vegetable carbs with low protein content. Additionally, it limited the options for pets with allergies or digestive sensitivity. This helplessness led to more research and experiments in their own kitchen.

The objective of the entire exercise was –

  • To use all suitable verities of ingredients, that are not only human grade but suitable to canine gastronomy
  • Prepare highly nutritious, grainfree, low carb treats/ chews / food, that adds value to their health and improves their behaviour
  • Keep it highly palatable – no compromise on taste

Their series of trials bore fruit – CC’s signature line of treats, chews and grainfree food that are produced to retain the maximum nutrients and the best alternate to a Raw Diet.

With proven positive results on “Cassius” and “Bailey”, other pet parents encouraged to take this up for their pets too. Being working parents, they could appreciate the challenges faced by other pet parents – try to find a healthy alternative within the constraints of time. Canine craving helped in overcoming this challenge. Hence, their products were instant hit, and as they say “rest is history”

Sundeep & Swagata believe that “Pets are FAMILY”. Hence, they are completely committed in making natural, nutritious & healthy treats with highest quality ingredients, specific to their dietary requirements. There is no artificial flavors, preservatives and additives for commercial gains.