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Seek, Ruby and Abhi


#caninecraving is run by two very passionate individuals who have tremendous love for all animals especially fur babies. From cakes, to popsicles, biscuits, to bite size treats, it's a favorite on our house. We can't open the refrigerator without our dog standing guard and demanding he be fed!What we appreciate is that all the raw materials are personally sourced, preservative free and made to order. They have a vast knowledge of dogs and their needs and put it to use when making the delicious yet healthy menu. We love Swagata and Sundeep and what they provide for my fur baby.

Keshav, Revathy and Ravi,


Nothing makes Laika happier than a beef cookie treat from #caninecraving. You can see it from the smile on her face! Knowing that it’s home-prepared, using organic, pet-safe ingredients makes us feel confident that we are feeding our pup healthy food. Plus there is no doubt it’s super-delicious... in fact so much so, that I am tempted to take a nibble myself

Jax, Sana, Neharika and Sai


Love all the treats from #caninecraving. The very mention of it makes me run in circles; can gobble them up in no time.I can smell the aroma and freshness of these treats and easily find where they are hidden.​They are homemade, freshly baked in different flavours and free of preservatives; not too hard or too soft. Madly in love, and I think they are the tastiest treats I have ever eaten. I would rate these treats 5/5 as long as they keep coming.

Love Luca


Those grand yummies are just out of the world and Mom made sure that I get them only for excruciatingly good behaviour.And boy. When she used to bring them out of the fridge.... I literally used to hold my breath !!! Ohh Yea!!! I suppose I did look totally goggle eyed...smitten is the word The yum jerkys, the awesome cutlets and the divine kebabs...So drool me. !!!! All of it was totally worth it. You create magic Aunty!

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