Organic Egg Shell With Membrane Supplement


Ingredient(s) : Single Source – Unprocessed Egg Shell With Membrane

Quantity : 60g

Recommended for : All Breeds, All Age (Above 3 months)

Dosage :

  • For Dogs On Cooked Food
    • Cat / Puppies (Over 3 Months)/ Small Breed Dogs (Up To 10 KG Body Weight) – 2 gms/ Day
    • Medium Breed Dogs (10-20 Kgs) – 4 gms/ Day
    • Large Breed Dogs (Above 20 kgs) – 6 gms/ Day
  • For Dogs On Raw Food
    • 1/2 Tsp / 500 gms Of Meat

Benefits :

  • Rich In Calcium Carbonate, Strontium & Magnesium
  • Beneficial For
    • Puppies & Senior Dogs
    • Dogs With Brittle Bones/ Teeth Due to Calcium Deficiency
    • Kidney Disease (CKF/CKD – Low Phosphorus Diet)
    • Dental Disorder (Can’t Chew Bones)
    • Sensitivity to Bone Mineral Digestion
  • All Natural
  • No Use Of Off The Shelf Ingredients, Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives Or Additives
  • Dehydrated to Preserve Nutritional Value

Usage Instruction

  • Day 1 – Introduce 5 gm in the meal
  • Sprinkle Over Meal Before Serving, No Cooking Or Exposure To High Temperature
  • Observe For Any Digestive Intolerance For The Next 24 Hours
  • Day 2 –  If All Goes Well, Offer As Per The Suggested Dosage
  • Do Not Feed Anything New On Day 1 & 2 to Avoid Digestive Disruption

Storage Instruction

  • Keep In The Original Pack (Vacuumed) when not in use. Preferably Refrigerate, Else In A Dark, Cool & Dry Place At All Times
  • Once Opened, Transfer The Content In A Zip Pouch / Airtight Container Along With Oxy & Silica Gel Packs
  • Preferably Refrigerate, Else In A Dark, Cool & Dry Place At All Times
  • Needs To Be Consumed Within 30 Days After Opening The Pack


  • Always Check Ingredients For Possible Allergen
  • Never Leave Dogs Alone With Chews, Monitoring Required
  • Always Keep Fresh Water Available For Your Dog While & After Chewing

Price Is Inclusive of All Taxes

Additional information

Weight.500 kg

100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g


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Organic Egg Shell With Membrane Supplement

Organic Egg Shell With Membrane Supplement