Omega 3 Fish Supplement


Ingredient(s) :  Sardine & Anchovies

Quantity :  60g/100g

Recommended for : All Breeds, Age Above 3 months

Dosage – 5g/10kg Body Weight/Day

Benefits :

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – Improves Skin & Coat Health, Immunity
  • Cardiovascular Health – Lowers Levels Of Triglycerides & Cholesterol
  • Neural (Brain) Development
  • Boost Heart & Kidney Health
  • Joint Care
  • Vitamins – A, B12, & D
  • Minerals – Calcium, Selenium & Phosphorous
  • All Natural
  • No Use Of Off The Shelf Ingredients, Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives Or Additives
  • Dehydrated to Preserve Nutritional Value

Usage Instruction

  • Day 1 – Introduce 5 gm in the meal
  • Sprinkle Over Meal Before Serving, No Cooking Or Exposure To High Temperature
  • Do Not Introduce Anything New To Eat While The Supplement Is being Introduced
  • Observe For Any Digestive Intolerance For The Next 24 Hours
  • Day 2 –  If All Goes Well, Offer As Per The Suggested Dosage
  • Do Not Feed Anything New On Day 1 & 2 to Avoid Digestive Disruption

Storage Instruction

  • Keep In The Original Pack (Vacuumed) when not in use. Preferably Refrigerate, Else In A Dark, Cool & Dry Place At All Times
  • Once Opened, Transfer The Content In A Zip Pouch / Airtight Container Along With Oxy & Silica Gel Packs
  • Preferably Refrigerate, Else In A Dark, Cool & Dry Place At All Times
  • Needs To Be Consumed Within 30 Days After Opening The Pack


  • Always Check Ingredients For Possible Allergen
  • Never Leave Dogs Alone With Chews, Monitoring Required
  • Always Keep Fresh Water Available For Your Dog While & After Chewing

Price Is Inclusive of All Taxes

Additional information

Weight.150 kg
Meat Type


100g, 60g


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Omega 3 Fish Supplement

Omega 3 Fish Supplement