Dehydrated 3 Herb Pork Cubes (Fatless)


Quantity – 100 gms

  • Watch them jump for joy when they get a whiff of the Air Dried Pork Cubes from Canine Craving
  • This treat pack have the flavor of delicious pork and the goodness of protein.
  • Perfect for snacking at any time of the day, our lamb cubes are big hit with dogs of all sizes.
  • Tossed in herbs and cut into boneless, bite-sized cubes


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Ingredients –

  • lean pork meat, parsley, thyme and mint

About the treat –

  • Bite-sized snack/treat for dogs
  • Tossed in herbs

Benefits –

  • Delicious treats pack with flavor of veal and the goodness of protein.
  • Herbs with micro-nutrients, noninflammatory and digestive properties
  • Air-dried to preserve nutritional value
  • All natural and No preservatives or stabilizers added

Additional information

Weight.150 kg
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Dehydrated 3 Herb Pork Cubes (Fatless)

Dehydrated 3 Herb Pork Cubes (Fatless)