Canine Nutrition Consultation Service

Schedule first session 15 minutes


Consultation provided by

Sundeep Dhar

Co-Founder -Canine Craving


Bachelor In Food Production Technology

  • All Consultation In Either By Phone/ On Camera
  • Consultation Fee Includes Only One Dog’s Diet Plan
  • Each Consultation Includes 5 Sessions With A Total Of 75 Mins
    • First Session – 15 min Session To Understand the Dog’s Current Health Condition, Diet & Expectations. Post That A Diet Chart Will Be Shared (Within 48 Hours Of This Session)
    • Second Session – Post Sharing The Diet Chart, 30 Mins To Address Any Question Regarding The Chart
    • Two More Session Of 15 Mins Each For Diet Transition Support
  • Our Nutrition Consultation Covers Diet Charts For Dogs Of All Ages & Breed.
  • We Only Provide Consultation For Grainfree and Meat Based Diet
  • In Case Of Dogs With Medical Issues Like Renal, Gastro Etc., Additional Specific Test Might Be Advised For Assessment & Root Cause Analysis Before Advising A Diet Plan.
    • If The Test Is Required & The Same Conflicts, Then The Appointment May Need To Be Postponed Based On The Availability
  • Consultation Can Be Cancelled 24 Hours Prior To The Appointment With Cancellation Fee Of Rs. 100
  • Please Note That Our Diet Is For The Overall Well Being Of The Dog, Not To be Used For Complete Therapeutic Purpose. If The Dog IS Suffering From Any Illness, A Medical Intervention Is Deemed Necessary


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Canine Nutrition Consultation Service

Canine Nutrition Consultation Service