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  • 129.00

    Quantity – 1 piece of air dried rabbit ear


    • Air dried Rabbit Ear from Canine Craving is the perfect chew for your pet
    • Delightfully crunchy and chewy, these yummy treats are low in fat, great for dogs of all sizes.
    • The chewing action exercises jaw, neck and shoulder muscles but also cleans teeth and gums, for better oral hygiene.
    • The hair on the ears acts as a dietary fiber, helps to cleanse your pet’s stomach naturally (think of  bristles in a brush).
    • The hair contains minerals like manganese, aids in managing bone and joint health
    • These good-sized chews are great for long hours of mental engagement
  • 1,499.00

    Get a mix of your pet’s favorite chew parts with this CC Rabbit Chew Pack. This chewy treat bag contains a mix of bit-sized air dried snackable duck parts like wings, feet, neck and breast. One chew pack makes use of one whole rabbit.